In each painting I want to articulate something of the world we live in - an emotion, a memory, a moment you never want to forget.
In each painting I want to articulate something of the world we live in - an emotion, a memory, a moment you never want to forget.

Annette Peterson

About Annette

I love capturing moments in time where people and their surroundings are inter-connected.

“We, as humans, leave a trace that imprints on our world. I love capturing moments in time where people and their surroundings are inter-connected. And likewise, our environment leaves an impression. A landscape can evoke a memory or a feeling of a particular time or place. I like to highlight the relationship between environment and people.”

Annette is a self-taught artist and has just completed a Masters of Applied Design and Art at Curtin University (2017).

Annette was born in Stavanger, Norway, but immigrated to Perth, Australia as an infant. In 1996, she graduated from UWA with a Bachelor of Arts at U.W.A., completing a double major in Psychology and a major in English Literature. In 2000, she moved to Port Hedland, and a few years later while working as a journalist, the Pilbara landscape ignited her creative passion. Annette began with photography but did not find her niche until 2007, when she began painting. In 2010, Annette returned to Perth, where she currently resides.

For many people, the time spent travelling through suburbia is an everyday occurrence but is often unnoticed as the pressures of everyday mask their significance.
I aim to investigate how painting everyday journeys in suburbia affects place perception.

My paintings are about recording the fleeting, temporary, liminal moments that occur in everyday journeys in suburbia as a way of extending the experience. Painting journeys that present suburbia in an unfamiliar way will disrupt regular patterns of perception and draw attention to the beauty of the ordinary. The liminal moment represents a shift from subliminal conscious perception.

I investigate the manner in which paintings of light and atmosphere denote liminal moments that can shift place perception. Increased place attachment and place identity is the affective and cognitive features that influence place perception and hopefully are by-products of this research.

This practice-led research investigates how painting can best capture liminal intervals and asks whether the artwork can affect place perception of suburbia.The quality of light and atmosphere is studied through a variety of painting methods to examine the way in which light, when captured in its transience, can transform a scene, how objects are illuminated and how it can impact how we feel about a familiar place. The project also explores plein air painting techniques as an unmediated way to express liminal moments and to capture these experiences and transform them from a momentary glance to a permanent reference.

This study contributes to the debate about the perception of place and the everyday, and this research draws attention to how events in the everyday affect how we see place. The paintings created in the study aimed to bring attention to the experience of liminal intervals that affect place perception are inclined to be overlooked in the everyday. We can attune our senses to see and appreciate what is immediately before us instead of ignoring them.                               

  • Jan 2018 Appointed Board member  JCAA (Joondalup Community Art Association)
  • Dec 2017 Speaker for Post Graduate Day, 2017 AAANZ Conference, UWA.
  • Dec 2017 ‘Lights in The Heights’ 2 x Florescent Murals and Artwork commissioned and completed 
  • Nov 2017 Completed Masters in Applied Design and Art at Curtin University, WA. 
  • Dec 2016  ‘Lights in The Heights’ 4 x Florescent Murals commissioned and completed 
  • Aug 2016 CUPSA award for best results in Post Graduate for Humanities (Grad. Cert of Applied Design and Art)
  • July 2016 Commissioned for Mural St John’s Lutheran Church, Northbridge
  • Jan 2015  to present Currently teaching Children’s & Beginners Drawing/Painting Classes at Joondalup Art Gallery
  • Feb - May 2016 Mural commissioned and completed for Lutheran Church Northbridge 
  • Dec 2015 Christmas Themed Art class taught at South Padbury Primary School
  • Dec 2015  ‘Lights in The Heights’ 4 x Florescent Murals commissioned and completed
  • December 2015 Displayed in Joondalup Art Gallery for ‘Joondalup Night Markets.’ 
  • Oct 2015 Plein Air Class Taught for Platinum Seniors group  - 25 + participants
  • Sept 2015 Research and hosted Tour of Street Art in Perth and Northbridge for Platinum Seniors Group.
  • Sept 2015 Conversations Exhibition - a collaboration with Peter Cowan Writers Association and the Joondalup Art Gallery
  • June 2015 Joondalup Community Awards
  • April 2105 Artist in Residence - Joondalup Art Gallery
  • March 2015 Exhibited work in ‘The Kimberly - Like No Where Else’ exhibition, Atwell Gallery, Salter Point
  • January 2015 Beginners’ Adult Drawing and Painting, Children’s Holiday Drawing/Painting Class at Joondalup Art Gallery
  • December 2014 Displayed in Joondalup Art Gallery for ‘Joondalup Night Markets.’
  • December 2014  to current Paintings currently displayed at Whitford City Physiotherapy
  • November 2014 Taught Acrylic Class for Senior Week Joondalup Art Gallery
  • November 2014 Exhibited, donated and sold a painting for Sea Shepherd fundraiser, Fremantle.
  • October 2014 - January 2015 Worked as a volunteer at Joondalup Art Gallery
  • October 2014 Exhibited in ‘The Kimberly - Like No Where Else,’ Group Exhibition at Joondalup Art Gallery, two pieces.
  • October 2014 Taught Plein Air Class for Platinum Seniors Group
  • September 2014 Artist in Residence at Joondalup Art Gallery, Joondalup
  • September 2014 Zoe Ingate made a documentary about me and my art for a TAFE assignment, based at Joondalup Art Gallery.
  • September  2013 Artist in residence at Blend(er) Art Gallery, Joondalup
  • June - November 2013 8 x Paintings displayed at ‘Blue Dog’ Cafe in Bassendean
  • June 2012 Won ‘Popular Choice’ Award at Joondalup Community Art Award
  • April 2011 Artist in Residence/Solo Exhibition – ‘Annette Peterson’ at Blend(er) Gallery, Joondalup
  • January  2010 Moved to Perth
  • September 2010 Members ‘Spring Exhibition, Blend(er) Art Gallery 
  • April 2009 ‘Water’s Edge’ Dual exhibition with David Hooper
  • February 2009 ‘Heart of the Pilbara’ Group P.Hototgraphy Exhibition
  • September 2009 Won ‘Encouragement Award’ Hedland Art Awards 2009
  • May 2008 Group Exhibition ‘Mangroves’ C3 Art Gallery
  • August to October 2008 P.Hotography course held at Courthouse Art Gallery 
  • October  2008 Won ‘Best Painting’ Hedland Art Awards 2008
  • May  2007 Group Exhibition ‘Old Bodies’ C3 Art Gallery
  • June 2007 First place in Photography competition for Port Hedland Visitors’ Centre 
  • July 2007 Group Exhibition ‘Glow’ C3 Art Gallery
  • September 2007 Won Best Painting by a Pilbara Artist Hedland Arts awards 2007
  • 2003 to  2004 Journalist for North West Telegraph Newspaper, Port Hedland
  • 2000 to 2010 Moved to Port Hedland, Western Australia from Perth
  • 1992-97 Studied Bachelor of Arts, Double Major Psychology and Major in English Literature UWA.
  • 1991 Runner-up Art Student in year 12 TEE Art for Belmont SHS        

1991 Runner-Up Art TEE Student BSHS

2007 Best Painting by a Pilbara Artist Hedland Art Awards

2008 Best Painting Hedland Art Awards

2009 Encouragement Award Hedland Art Awards

2012 Popular Choice Award Joondalup Community Arts Award

2016 CUPSA Award for Highest Post Graduate Results, Graduate Diploma    of Design and Art, Curtin University

2017 Art Award Master of Applied Design and Art, Curtin University