In each painting I want to articulate something of the world we live in - an emotion, a memory, a moment you never want to forget.
In each painting I want to articulate something of the world we live in - an emotion, a memory, a moment you never want to forget.
Annette Peterson

About Annette

I love capturing moments in time where people and their surroundings are inter-connected.

Annette Peterson draws inspiration from the images and impressions in her world, where she lives and the people that surround her. From rural landscapes, seascapes, urban scenes or portraits, Annette is influenced by presence of people in the environment, whether they are obvious or not.

“We, as humans, leave a trace that imprints on our world. I love capturing moments in time where people and their surroundings are inter-connected. And likewise, our environment leaves an impression. A landscape can evoke a memory or a feeling of a particular time or place. I like to highlight the relationship of environment and people.”

Annette is essentially a self-taught artist. She was runner-up for year 12 TEE Art Award in high school, but did not pursue art for another 16 years. After much persuasion, and a realisation that if she waited until she retired to ‘begin’ to paint, she might not make it that long, she was asked to join an art class with Pilbara Artist David Hooper. Four months later, she won ‘Best Paining by a Pilbara Artist’ at the Hedland Art Awards in 2007. Annette’s earlier work is represented in group exhibitions, such as ‘Glow’ (2007), ‘Old Bodies’ (2007) and ‘Mangroves’ (2008). In 2008, she won ‘Best Painting’ at the Hedland Art Awards. In 2009, she had a joint exhibition at the Courthouse Gallery by Form in Port Hedland with David Hooper, called ‘Water’s Edge.’ Also in 2009, she also won the ‘Encouragement Award’ for the Hedland Art Awards. In 2011, she was invited as an Artist in Residence at the Blend(er) Gallery in Joondalup, where she held her first solo exhibition.

Annette was born in Stavanger, Norway, but immigrated to Perth, Australia as an infant. In 1996, she graduated from UWA with a Bachelor of Arts at U.W.A., completing a double major in Psychology and a major in English Literature. In 2000, she moved to Port Hedland, and a few years later while working as a journalist, the Pilbara landscape ignited her creative passion. Annette began with photography, but did not really find her niche until 2007, when she began painting. In 2010, Annette returned to Perth, where she currently resides.

I love to paint. I’m a painter who paints from the heart– each new painting is from an overwhelming urge to get it on the canvas. I’m compelled. There’s always a story. I’m neurotic about detail. I love finding the perfect sunset; capturing it. I love the dawn; I love how the soft light affects objects. I love cars! Why? Not sure, the only reason that comes to mind is that it’s part of us – it belongs, or belonged, to someone. I love to capture moments in time.

I love how when I do portraits I love that person so much more – I am able to connect with them in a way I had never done before. I love to capture their eyes; their quirky smile or expression.

I love finding the real person in the picture. I love it when I leave the straight path and go find my own path. I love to get lost in a painting and to find my way out of it again. Just as I have said, I am a sucker for detail! I keep berating myself for it but it is who I am, and this is where I am at.

I generally paint with oils, sometimes acrylic. I generally use canvas, but enjoy experimenting with linen and board also. I paint from instinct, not formula.

I am kind of new to Perth, after a 10 year sojourn in the Pilbara. I have come back with new eyes, as an artist. I see the objects I paint as alive, part of us, complete with personality. They mean something to our lives.

I am thrilled to be able to show you my journey. Look out for the paintings for sale! If there is a painting you love but it has been sold, contact me and we can get a print made up.

  • 2012 Popular Choice Award Joondalup Community Arts Award.
  • Aug 2011 Won ‘Emerging Artist’ Cossack Art Award 2011, but was later revoked due to an administration error by putting me in the 18-25 year old category.
  • April 2011 Artist in Residence/Solo Exhibition – ‘Annette Peterson’ at Blend(er) Gallery, Joondalup
  • Jan 2010 Moved to Perth
  • September 2009 Won ‘Encouragement Award’ Hedland Art Awards 2009
  • April 2009 ‘Water’s Edge’ Dual exhibition with David Hooper
  • February 2009 ‘Heart of the Pilbara’ Group P.H ototgraphy Exhibition
  • October 2008 Won ‘Best Painting’ Hedland Art Awards 2008
  • May 2008 Group Exhibition ‘Mangroves’ C3 Art Gallery
  • August to October 2008 P.H.otography course held with Courthouse Art Gallery
  • December 2007 Group Exhibition ‘Old Bodies’ C3 Art Gallery
  • June 2007 First place in Photography competition for Port Hedland Visitors’ Centre
  • September 2007 Won Best Painting by a Pilbara Artist Hedland Arts awards 2007
  • July 2007 Group Exhibition ‘Glow’ C3 Art Gallery
  • 1 May 2007 Fist Art class with David Hooper
  • 2006 to 2011 Graphic Art for advertisements, promotions, posters for local gym, non-denominational events
  • 2003 Journalist for Newspaper – Learnt to love photography
  • 2000 to 2003 Worked with young children for a number of years doing arty things
  • 1991 Runner-up Art Student in year 12 TEE Art for Belmont S H S
  • 1989 to 1991 High School Studied art

1991 Runner-Up Art TEE Student BSHS
2007 Best Painting by a Pilbara Artist Hedland Art Awards
2008 Best Painting Hedland Art Awards
2009 Encouragement Award Hedland Art Awards
2012 Popular Choice Award Joondalup Community Arts Award