Thank you so much for being a part of something that is making a difference to our local community. Without you, we would not be possible!

Humble Beginnings
Two years ago, on August 6, Life Balance began. The very first class was a Monday morning aimed at the Kindy Play parents to do something fun while their children were in the centre. It was the only class available and was trialled for a few months to see if the venture would work. The first class had 8 participants, yet the average class size was only 5.68 people. Despite the low numbers, there was faith that more people would come. Fun fact, my granddaughter Addy was born three weeks later and I was able to teach the class straight after 24-hours of labour! 

A letterbox drop in Hepburn Heights, Duncraig and Padbury in October 2018 helped to spread the news that an alternative exercise format was available.

LIFE Balance expanded to three classes in November 2018 and has steadily grown from strength to strength. In March 2020, Life Balance offered its first online class to 16 people on the same day as all exercise classes were cancelled, in WA. Thanks to Les Mills, Life Balance successfully transitioned to online classes during COVID-19 and was granted special permission to teach online without charge. COVID-19 lockdown saw Life Balance expand to five classes a week and has since successfully re-transitioned back to face to face classes. 

Currently, there are over 260 active members, so if you haven’t been for a while, you should come and check it out! More and more people are finding out about us. Last week alone, we had ten new people, all thanks to word of mouth and participants bringing their friends. Also, we have a new room, newly renovated with new carpet (soon), which has access from the front of the church.

Due to COVID-19, there are two important changes: Please bring your own mat and no more cash. Eftpos facilities are available or I can invoice you.

What makes LIfe Balance so unique?
No signup fee, no membership contract – a pay as you go system that is affordable. Les Mills said that LIFE Balance is revolutionary as it caters for people who would prefer not to step into a gym; people that Les Mills have previously been unable to reach. Furthermore, they said that the location was perfect because we have all the amenities necessary to cater for Body Balance; large rooms with carpet, carparks, toilets and creche facilities.

The whole idea to begin Life Balance was two-fold

  1. To get people moving more by reducing the factors that inhibit exercise such as environment, locked-in contracts and cost.
  2. To encourage people to acknowledge and utilise their local church as a place of safety in their local community.

At the heart of Life Balance is a desire to reach people in Padbury and surrounding suburbs who are looking for an affordable exercise option in a fun and safe environment. My deeper hope is that Life Balance can offer an alternative to some of the chronic needs that pervade in our culture. Loneliness, isolation, limited exercise opportunities, financial hindrances to exercise and a deep need to belong to a community are real struggles that hard to combat because they are invisible.

What makes Body Balance so affordable?
Thank you to C3 Hepburn Heights who generously sow into Life Balance by paying for the Les Mills Licence and offer Life Balance free rent.  Without this assistance, such reduced prices would not be possible. There is no obligation, however, to partake in any church activity and no pressure to join the church. Please know that you are always most welcome to come if you are interested. As you know, we do pray at the beginning and end of each session, due to local community law, a feature that people find they enjoy doing together.