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Annette Peterson Artist Bio

Annette Peterson, born in Stavanger, Norway, is a practice-led oil painter who utilises both studio and plein air techniques to facilitate both realistic and impressionistic styles of landscape painting.

Peterson grew up in Perth suburbia and is influenced by changes in light and atmosphere on everyday suburban street scenes. Peterson finds suburban art critical because it can communicate day to day moments of life that are significant but are often overlooked.

Peterson is currently studying Honours in Fine Arts, but began painting in the Pilbara in 2007, where she has won many awards from categories for painting in the Hedland Art Awards and the Joondalup Art Awards. In 2016, she achieved the Head of School of Art and Design’s recommendation for the highest results for post-graduate studies and won the Art Award for her Masters work in the class of 2017. Most recently, she won the South Perth Emerging Artist award 2018.

Much of the work presented today was from Peterson’s second solo exhibition: Liminal Moments: Everyday Journeys and was also the basis of her Master’s Thesis “Liminal Moment: Everyday Journeys in Suburbia” (2017).

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