Shotgun Through Scarborough

For Subi Spritz 2023

2023 Shotgun Through Scarborough 1-77 for Subi Spritz

Shotgun Through Scarborough 43/77 is currently displayed as one of six artworks featured in Walmsley Lane, Subiaco, as part of the City of Subiaco’s ‘Subi Spritz.’ Thanks to the City of Subiaco and Curated by Janet from Strategic Art Services.

Shotgun Through Scarborough 43/77 is a digital copy and will be in situ for the next 12 months. You can purchase any original Artwork from the series directly during that time.

Shotgun Through Scarborough is the interconnection of painting, driving, and exploration in the re-mediation of the digital world with the everyday.  The 77 paintings make up a  film to emulate a “Live” option from an Apple iOS smartphone. These paintings replace digital film stills to create a painted rendition of reality. The song “Shotgun” by George Ezra played on the car radio when the original “Live” image was taken, hence the title.

The digital artwork has won many awards, including the 2021 Stirling Art Award, and featured as a finalist for the 2022 MINA Smartphone Film Awards and the 2022 Revelation Film Festival. The paintings were showcased at the 2021 Bunbury Biennale and Peterson’s solo exhibition Through The Streets & Other Adventures at Gallery Central, NMTAFE Northbridge WA 2022.

Annette Peterson is a conceptual artist and oil painter exploring the moving image and painting interplay. Her work investigates the light and atmosphere of suburban street scenes and the driving experience from a female perspective. ⁠Peterson graduated in 2019 from Curtin University following a career in journalism and has already amassed numerous awards.

All original artworks are for sale unless specified as SOLD.







Perth, Western Australia.