Online Zoom Life Balance Classes: a new approach to  exercising in the comfort of your own home.

Download “” App. Click on the Zoom class link from an email or social media or text 0437804791 to request Zoom link. Logging into the app first will significantly improve the ease of entering the Online Life Balance Zoom meeting. Use a laptop, iPad or TV monitor to view the class, as smaller devices may not be suitable.

The Online Zoom class will be open at least 15 minutes before and after the online class. As the class is live and not prerecorded, use the opportunity to connect to the instructor and inform them of any injury or health issues that may affect your ability to perform certain moves. This is vital for your sake. Please be aware that other people will be able to hear you so if you have any concerns that are private please call 0437804791 to discuss privately. The instructor will then adapt options to suit your needs.

While the class is on, there is no interaction of participants with the instructor. If there are any difficulties with your internet connection or you are having difficulties logging onto the class, a technician will be on standby to assist you if you text your issue to 0437804791.

At some points before and after class, the instructor may ask participants to share themselves in video form, so consider wearing appropriate clothing. While class is on, it is advisable to not wear shoes or socks. Have a hand towel to absorb sweat if necessary. Use a yoga mat if you have one.